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Luxury kitchen. Family meeting place. Status symbol. Design kitchen. Dream kitchen. Not for everyone. For you.

sio4 is a manufactory that combines quality, the highest sense of architecture, sustainability, functionality and service in your kitchen monoliths. The uniqueness of the natural material stone is staged in the cubic forms and surface finishes typical of stone. Every kitchen is not only a masterpiece in its manufacture, but it is also unique and anything but standard - a true unicum and always a little off the beaten track.

Stone is too heavy to be used as a kitchen front? Sio4 proves the opposite.

We process the stone in such a way that it can be used as a kitchen front, but no other carrier material is used. With all the advantages that have long been known in the form of worktops:


100 % natural product

Scratch & impact resistant

Homogeneous kitchen design due to the same material in front and worktop

Timeless unique specimen


Jury Statement

"The design divides the work areas of the classic kitchen block into various cubes, which, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and precise manufacture, appear very exclusive, especially in the group".


Quote: expert jury German Design Award.



"The Best Designkitchen Company - South West Germany"

Quote: expert jury Home and Garden Award 2019