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"It's time to overcome thinking barriers" - A quote which should change the kitchen market, because exactly this guiding principle was the decisive impulse for the foundation of Sio4.

The vision of Dominik Faber, the founder of Sio4, is to look at the kitchen from a different perspective. To combine technology with design and exclusive materials. Unique kitchens are as individual as every human being, they should fill the owner with pride and create a more livable living environment. "It is precisely these values that drive us. We want to create something that is different and stands out massively from other products. But for many years we have often fiddled through deep into the night."

Dominik Faber grew up in his father's factory. He already absorbed the kitchen, architecture and craftsmanship with baby milk. He started early to develop his own style. Always something off the beaten track; opposites attract each other: green with red or fish with meat - and yet always simple and timeless. "If you want to develop your own style, it's important to leave no stone unturned." He was inspired by different architects like Le Corbusier or Donald Judd as well as the furniture of Eero Saarinen.

For a long time he spent searching for the right material, which corresponds to the basic values of the company philosophy. He decided that natural stone was the only material that could be considered for his project. "Every natural stone slab is unique, a work of art of nature - it shows the personal individuality of the person who calls it his own."

Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials which has been appreciated for thousands of years due to its positive properties. In the kitchen area it was for a long time regarded as a material which was used exclusively for worktops. Why not transfer also positive characteristics to the fronts? Therefore Dominik Faber went on the way to find a suitable stonemason with whose help he could realize his project. A fixing technique for the stone fronts had to be developed. The fronts had to be coloured so thinly that they could also be used as furniture fronts. The result are several design patents and the foundation of Sio4 kitchens. "We live the stone, so it should be reflected in its name. SiO4 is the chemical formula of silicate, a main component of natural stone."

In the meantime Sio4 has three different models. The modular kitchen CUBE, for both indoor and outdoor use. The floating natural stone island ONE as well as individual planning according to customer requirements. "With our stone islands, we would like to let customer's requests become true - a Unikat for each individual customer."

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